Abstract Painting on Canvas by Hand.

Abstract Painting

Another masterpiece that is handmade canvas painting is available in front of you. This painting is very impressive. It shows a flower that is ready to explore the world. This is a unique artwork and heavy creativity which is put by the painter on the canvas. If you’re a painting lover and love to buy creative things then this painting can be a good option for you.  The improvisation of colors gives the painting a unique look that is very elegant and creative. Now let’s discuss the features of this painting to know more about it.


All the features of these beautifully designed paintings are listed below:-

Build quality:- This painting is made with high-quality acrylic colors which are made on a high-quality canvas surface with the Acrylic medium. The build quality of this superb looks very stunning and impressive.

Size:- The size of this painting is 30.48X45.72 cm which is recognized as the ideal size for Abstract painting. You can easily place this painting in your living room, bedroom, working place, and any other place.

Texture:- The availability of Acrylic texture composition enhances its quality and makes it more elegant and supreme.

Design:- The design of this painting is unique which attains a closed flower of hibiscus which is ready to explore and face the world with a new beginning.

So, these are its features and I’m sure that you loved this painting. Well, if you’re a real art lover and can’t ignore the beauty of art then let us tell you that this painting is available on http://canvasivy.com. This is one of the best platforms where you can explore the next level of art every time. To have a purchase of this painting hit the click on

and book your masterpiece now.

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