Abstract Painting on Canvas by Hand.

Abstract Painting

Abstract paintings are a very unique and creative type of painting that shows a unique combination of colors that describes a hidden feeling of the painter. This abstract painting is a beautifully designed painting that is a perfect model for home decoration. You can also place this painting in your office, Business place, Living room, and other places. Let’s discuss the features of this Abstract Painting on Canvas by Hand.


All the major features of this Abstract Painting on Canvas are listed below:-

Painting Design:- The design of this painting is very stunning. This painting is a handmade abstract painting. It attains an impressive design that looks attentive.

Colors:- The use of premium quality acrylic paint engages the quality of the painting. This painting comes with an abstract texture composition that looks elegant and attractive.

Size:- This painting comes with an oversize of 30.48X45.72 CM. This is an ideal size that looks elegant on the wall. 

Quality:- This painting assures superb quality which is created on Canvas’s surface with the Acrylic medium. This painting is 100% hand-painted so that it looks real instead of artificial.

Other information:- The country of origin of this painting is India which was created in the year 2021.

This painting attains a design that is a unique composition of different colors which shows a secretive texture in front of you. The best thing about this painting is its fully handmade quality. Generally, artificial paintings look good but if you’re a royal person and highly supports handcraft then you must like Handmade paintings.

This painting is on sale on canvasivy.com  Click on the above link and make your purchase now. This is one of the highly decorative and impressive paintings. So, don’t miss it if you love real art work.

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