Buddha Face Painting by hand with Acrylic Colors.

Buddha Painting

We all know about Buddha and also about his contribution to the whole world. This Abstract painting is showing the abbreviation of Mahavir buddha. Mahavir Buddha was a great personality who taught the law of beautiful living to the whole world. The painter tries to narrate the calm personality of Buddha and his contribution and love to nature. In this painting, you’ll see that Mahavir Buddha is continuously feeling the beauty of nature. The availability of this painting makes you feel calm and 犀利士 approaches you to enhance your contribution regarding nature. Now, let’s discuss the features of this painting to know more about it.


All the features of this Buddha painting are listed below:-

Build quality:- The build quality of this painting is extreme. This painting is fully handmade (100% ) which is the unique thing about this beautiful creation. The surface of this painting is canvas which is created with the help of Acrylic colors.

Size:- The size of this painting is 30×30 cm which specified that it is a high-quality square-shaped painting. You can easily place this painting as a decorative thing In the Bedroom, Office, and meeting room of your organization.

Appearance:- The painting is made with Acrylic texture composition which gives an elegant touch to the painting. In this painting, the appearance of Buddha makes this painting more precious. The availability of buddha in the painting connects the soul to God and makes you relaxed every time.

Other information:- This painting is a square-shaped painting that was created in the year 2021. The country of origin of this painting is India.

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