How to pick up the best painting for your business or home as per Vastu.

Vastu is a term in Hinduism which believes that the things around us provide an affect our performance and luck. This is the reason that people will place creative paintings and statues and many other things for better luck. People place various types of paintings in their homes and businesses as per Vastu and they experience amazing results from it. Various businessmen reveal that they got success from their bad performance because of Vastu.

Well, Vastu helps to enhance your business performance level only if it is correctly placed and correctly designed. If you place Paintings as per the wrong Vastu then it will lead to negative performance and luck in your business.

In this discussion, we’re going to examine How to pick the best painting for your business or home as per Vastu. So, if you wanna improve your luck and get success in your business then just stick to this discussion.

Angelic Painting

Angelic painting is a very impressive-looking painting that you can easily place in your office or home. Angelic-looking paintings connect you spiritually and make your mind calm. This type of painting is best for placing in Home and a place where you study. People place Angelic Paintings in their homes and study point and get very fruitful results from them.


Running horse painting

Running horse painting is one of the best types of painting which you place anywhere like in your office, home, and many other places. Running a horse is the symbol of freedom, power, strength, and loyalty. According to Vastu Placing, this type of paintings around you will boost you towards your work.

You just have to make sure that the counting of horses should be odd like 1,3,5. Odd horses improve your luck and give you the strength to perform work.

Serene Mountain and water

In a busy place where everyone is tensed in working Serene water and mountain will exhale the environment of peace and calmness. A painting that attains water claims that the work is done easily with calmness and without any stuck. This gives a positive environment in your office. According to Vastu, This type of painting is a very good choice for Kitchen, Study Room, and Office working place. Also, remember that the direction facing the painting is on the Northeast side.

Buddha Painting

Plenty of companies will use the paintings of buddha in their offices. This is why buddha is a perfect way to connect yourself with spirituality. The artifacts and paintings of the buddha are also used in houses. The five fingers of buddha target the 5 elements of nature. Having the painting of buddha in your house dedicates a huge level of peace and calmness. Buddha painting is a great way to discover yourself with nature and spirituality. So, you can easily place artifacts or paintings of buddha in your house for better Fortune and a peaceful mind. You can easily place this painting in your Living room, study room, Office, and many other places.

Saraswati Maa Painting

Saraswati Maa is a goddess of knowledge and expertise. Having the painting of Saraswati Maa will describe that you’re a real devotee of God. Saraswati Maa’s painting narrates the level of peace, simplicity, expertise, and knowledge. According to Vastu, having the painting of Saraswati Maa will empower you to do hard work full of patience.

This painting improves the level of positivity in the environment and empowers your Fortune. So, if you’re a student or a manager then you can place the painting of Saraswati Maa in your study room or office.

Money Vastu Painting

Money Vastu’s painting is recognized as one of the best sources of Financial luck. People who are working in Banks and other financial institutions should place a Money Vastu painting in your working place. Always place Money Vastu Painting in the east direction. This will enhance your fortune and you’ll experience good financial strength in the upcoming time.

Vastu Kla is one of the most prominent things which assure results. Some people will always ignore the applicability of Vastu but Vastu has power and if you place the right painting in right place in the right direction then you’ll get guaranteed results from it.

So, here we discussed How to pick up the best painting for business and home as per Vastu. Vastu has the spiritual power to change the fortune of an individual but this only happens if the use of Vastu is done in the right way. If you also believe in vastu then you can buy one of the paintings listed above for your better future. Also, make sure that you’re placing the right painting in the right place and in the right direction with a clear motive.

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