Tribal Face Painting by hand with Acrylic Colors

Tribal Face

This painting is a unique masterpiece created by canvas. This painting shows the culture of tribals. There are tribals available in India in various parts of MP and other regions. They’re living in a different culture and different ways. Their appearance and style show that they’re tribals. In this changing world, the culture of tribals is quite the same. This painter is willing to generate a core connection to the tribal world and modern world. The modern world knows less about the tribals which are also a part of society. This painting communicates the tribal world to the outer world.

What Does it Show?

This painting attains a tribal lady which is steering you. She (the tribal lady) is wearing some big accessories in her ears which are not seen in general people. She also wears some accessories on her nose and beautiful crowns. The tribal culture is defined by the necklace of metal on the neck. This lady also wears 3 heavy necklaces which clears that she is a tribal woman.


Build quality:- The build quality of this painting is supreme. It shows the real artwork and the way of expression is also supreme. This painting is made with 100% handcraft, with premium quality colors.

Size:- The size of this product is 30X30 CM which clearly shows that this painting is available in square shape.

Miscellaneous:- This painting was created in 2021 and the country of origin of this painting is India. 

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