Tribal Motives Painting with Acrylic Colors by Hand.

Tribal motive painting

In Ancient times, the tribal communities started expressing their culture due to drawings. They draw in the rock of the caves where they live. Their drawings are very stunning and look awesome. To see these types of drawings now historians understand the living of those peoples. Likewise, we also have a similar masterpiece that shows ancient culture. Tribal Motives Painting with Acrylic Colors by Hand is one of the best types of paintings which you use to decorate your house, library, and office. If you’re an art lover then you can see the magic and the spark which the Painter wants to express in the painting.

Tribal motive painting

What does It show?

This painting shows the Paleolithic and Monolith periods where the primary source of food is hunting. This painting shows some monkeys which were hunted by early men. This painting also clarifies that in ancient times tribals also used horses to travel fast and a Neolithic period bull cart is also mentioned in it. So, it is a complete picture of different Eras.


Painting quality:- The quality of the painting is supreme. This tribal motives painting is 100% handmade under Acrylic texture composition on Canvas’s surface. This is made with premium quality colors and supreme creativity.

Dimensions:- The dimensions of this product are 4.3 × 17 × 47.5 cm which comes with a weight of 0.78 kgs.

Size:- The size of this painting is 15.24X45.72 CM. This painting comes in a round shape.

Other details:- This painting is newly created in 2021. The country of origin of this painting is India. You can easily order this painting online.

This supreme painting only consists of 2 colors, Brown and white so that it looks real and attentive. Tribals use a rock to draw the architecture in the caves. This is a masterpiece that enhances the level of decoration of the place. If you’re also an art lover and want to get a masterpiece with you then don’t miss this supreme product for you,  immediately purchase it on you can also visit this painting and directly purchase the last stock of the painting with the help of this link

So, don’t wait because only a few stocks are left. Make your purchase immediately and decorate your house with this masterpiece.

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